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Youth problems


Rašinys anglų kalba, tema: jaunimo problemos, jaunimo užimtumo problema.


In nowadays feeling very big concern with youth employment problems. Youngsters trying to engage and give some employ. Thereof point is to make guarantee that youth will find their right way and to help others young people to get up and come to right way. To seek these purpose today helping some organizations and clubs. About one of these organizations and clubs I want to tell you.
Police youth club. The Club accomplishes a project called "I am the Creator of my Future". Its main goal and objective is to decrease the negative influence of the social environment for the under the age people and to provide them with an opportunity to be engaged in different kinds of creational activities.
Club place is repaired according to the European standards: they have necessary conveniences, different audio and video technics, musical instruments.
There are approximately 160 children attending the club as well as they could name such activities as self defense, health increasing training, the music studio, modern and extreme dance, aerobics and fitness, etc., moreover, a psychological consultation room.
They are also going to expand our activities and find similar organizations – the clubs founded by the police for crime prevention among the under the age people.
The main purpose of the club– to reduce the negative influence of the social circumstances on teenagers, seeking to afford them an opportunity to spend their free time meaningfully. ...

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