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The Royal Botanical gardens at Kew


Referatas apie botanikos sodus Kew, Richmond, Londonas (anglų kalba). The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. The Gardens zones. The special trees at Kew. The three wonderful spots at Kew. The beauty of Kew. Vocabulary.


The Royal Botanical gardens at Kew, in Richmond, London is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world. It was developed by the mother of George III. The Gardens were presented to the nation in 1841 and now are an important botanical institution.
The original Botanic Gardens were founded in 1759 and grew to a formal area of beds and a 9 acre (3.64 ha) arboretum. The current Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew developed from there. Kew is situated on the south bank of the River Thames near Richmond, about 10km south-west of London.
The people enjoy spending time in the gardens. You can see beautiful trees, flowers, lanes, ponds there. There is also scientific work being done in the Gardens, it has very good collections, which help to maintain plants for future generations.

The Gardens is divided into different zones:
Western Zone. This western area of the Gardens was once a part of Richmond Gardens. It is interesting for its important specific collections, such as the Bamboo Garden, established in 1891-2, which now holds the largest collection of bamboos in the country; and the Azalea Garden planted in 1882. It is easy to relax in this part of the Gardens, because it is isolated. Therefore the area is popular with visitors.
Syon Vista zone. Syon Vista is now a major zone, which was earlier a part of Richmond Gardens too. The Temperate House stands there. There is a very nice view across the Thames, which makes this zone one of the most visited areas at Kew.
South Western zone. This south-western corner of the Gardens was once part of Richmond Gardens and contains some fragments of a very early formal canal garden, that used to run north-west from Richmond Lodge. In the 18th century the gardens were designed and redesigned to create a more natural landscape of woodland and parkland. Later a rustic cottage was built for Queen Charlotte. Queen Charlotte's Cottage is now the main point in the area, situated in the heart of mid-19th century Arboretum. There are rare British native trees, such as the Plymouth pear and beautiful bluebell woods, which annually draw many visitors.
Riverside zone. The strip of Kew's estate that runs alongside the Thames originally lay outside Kew Gardens and Richmond Gardens, originally there stood historic buildings there. There is the Herbarium in the northern end of the zone with the internationally significant preserved plant collections as well as the Library, botanical art and archival collections. It is one of several centres for scientific activity at Kew. Near the river, too, is the oldest building at Kew, the 17th century Dutch House, now called Kew Palace. It was built in 1631. ...

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