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The region I live in: Šilutė


Darbas apie Šilutės kraštą (anglų kalba). Darbas iliustruotas nuotraukomis.


Silute region is located in the western part of Lithuania. Curonian Lagoon and a sandy spit Neringa separate the region from the Baltic Sea. The major part of the region is occupied by the Nemunas delta. The Nemunas is one of the biggest rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea, and it is the biggest river in our country.
Back in 1252 the area of the current Šilutė region was called Lamata, which means a low and marshy place. It had borders with the Prussian, Curonian and Samogitian lands. The rivers of the Nemunas delta had been abundant in fish since old times, therefore fishermen were establishing their settlements in ihe region. A wind of the Šyša River with a ford was the most convenient: place for trading with Samogitians. The market place which was developing nearby was especially famous among the local fishermen, who having sold their fish could buy various necessary goods. In this picturesque place the first pub was opened under a name of Šilokarčema. Georg Tallat purchased the pub together with the land and ihe right for free fishing in 1511. A famous fish market was opened in Šilutė almost for five hundred years. This was the place for various people to come around: peasants from Samogitia, fishermen from Rusnė, Karklė, even from Nida, and Šarkuva. Next to the Silokarčema a church of Verdainė was built in 1550. For several times Šilutė was seeking to be granted the town rights but Klaipėda and Tilsit towns confronted the idea. In 1722 Šilokarčema became a district centre and in 1818- a county centre. However, it was only in 1910 when Silutė was granted the town rights after the three villages- Verdainė, Žibai, and Silokarčema – were joined in to one. Silute region is very big and there are the biggest island of Lithuania named Rusne. Rusnė is one of the oldest settlements founded on the Nemunas delta in the 15th century. Year 1419 is marked on the weathercock on the tower of Rusnė church. Rusnė is the only Lithuanian town situated on an island. A modern bridge over the Atmata not always helps the local inhabitants suffering from spring floods that cover more than 40thous. ha of meadows every season. Local population is protected from flood by dikes. The island is equipped with a drainage system with 20 water – lifting stations. ...

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