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Henry Bessemer


Referatas apie anglų mokslininką Henrį Bessemerį. Bessemer’s artillery. First Inventions. More Useful Inventions. His Greatest Discovery. The Bessemer Process of Steel Production.


Henry Bessemer, who was born on January 19, 1813, inherited his love of inventing from his father. Old Bessemer had worked in Holland and helped to build the first steam-engine in that country. Later he designed a new kind of lathe and made some other inventions while he was in France before the French Revolution of 1848.
Henry has born in a small village near Hitchin, in Hertfordshire. He never cared much for toys or games or for playing with other children and loved to watch the old flour mill in operation down by the water.
At an early age Henry became interested in drawing. He spent hours in the fields where he sketched the farm animals or the leaves of trees. He soon became very good at modeling as well.
As he grew older, he longed to try his hand at making moulds of his models and then casting them in his father’s foundry. But his father did not allow him to enter the foundry alone. He allowed him to enter it only when he himself was three. This was because he did not want other people to know about the technicalities of this work. But Henry ignored this rule and every two months when the large melting furnace was used found his away into the melting house. He was usually discovered, but he not only managed to do his casting but also discovered his father’s production secrets.
Old Bessemer soon understood that his little son was really very much interested in metals, and then he began to encourage him and to teach him.

Henry went to school. When he was fifteen he asked his father to let him leave school and work in his foundry: he wanted to learn more about metals. And his father agreed.
Henry loved his work. The experience also gave him a useful insight into technical draughtsmanship, and important branch of an inventor’s work, at which, with his natural gift for drawing, he soon excelled. After about a year Henry knew enough to begin to make articles of his own invention. One of these articles was a small machine for moulding tiny bricks out of white pipeclay. The bricks were quite useless, but young Bessemer was proud of his work. ...

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