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English festivals


Introduction. Saint David’s day. Saint Patrick day. Valentine’s Day. Saint David's Day. History of Saint David’s day. Saint David's Day celebration in our days. The history of Saint Patrick day. Valentine’s day. Valentine‘s day symbols, traditions and customs. Conclusions. Appendix.


1.1 Saint David’s day is celebrating on the 1st of March mostly in Wales. It‘s the holiday who was celebrated as a religious festival until the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. But in the 18th century it became a national festival among the Welsh, and continues to this day.
1.2 Saint Patrick’s day is celebrating on the seventeen of March. With this festival we want mention one of the most famous saint patron of the Ireland. He traveled about twenty year in Ireland. During this time he set up schools, churches and the royal families. His most useful work was to propagate his ideas for everyone.
1.3 Valentine’s Day is celebrating on the 14th of February. It’s the national holiday of love. It is known that Valentine's Day started in the Roman Empire. The main symbol of this festival is red heart. During this day especially young people or schoolchildren sent the letters with the poems or something like that, but the other doesn’t know who send the letters. ...

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