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May Day


Introduction. May Day celebration history. People who celebrate May Day at first. May Day celebration by the Catholic Church. May Day celebration by the Celtic. May Day celebration in early and in late Europe. May Day in our days. Conclusion. Appendixes.


Our modern celebration of May Day as a working class holiday evolved from the struggle for the eight hour day in eighteen eighty-six. It’s a fixed festival. May 1, eighteen eighty-six saw national strikes in the United States and Canada for an eight hour day called the Knights of Labour. In Chicago police attacked striking workers and killed six. The next day at a demonstration in Haymarket Square one of the anarchists exploded bomb in the middle of a crowd of police and killed eight of them. The police arrested some anarchists and sentence them. It was one of the most terrible incidents in America history. Later in eighteen eighty-nine in Paris the International Working Men's Association declared May 1st as an international working class holiday. The red flag became the symbol of the blood and working class martyrs in their battle for workers rights.

2.1 People who celebrate May Day at first: The international working class holiday is May Day, originated in pagan Europe. It was a festival celebrating the first spring planting. The ancient Celts and Saxons celebrated May 1st as Beltane or the day of fire. Belt was the Celtic god of the sun. The Saxons began their May Day celebrations on the eve of May, April 30. It was an evening of games and wonderful celebrating the end of winter and the return of the sun. ...

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