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Anglų kalba aprašytos SPA centruose teikiamos paslaugos. Introduction. Spa center. Types of spas. Typical spa services. Massage. Aromatherapy. Stone therapy. Reflexology. Reiki. Hydrotherapy. Mud bath. Sauna. Ogenese marine rejuvenating facial. Salt room. Conclusion. References.


Very often we hear a word from three letters. That word is SPA. In our days SPA are very popular but not all know that it means. Were are many versions about it. Spa means: health through water.
Those persons who think that SPA is just entertainment are wrong. In SPA centers you can have from relaxing to manipulation treatments. In SPA centers you can go if you want to loss some weight, to stop smoking, drinking or something like that. In short way we can say that in SPA centers you will get utility not only for your body but and for your soul. SPA centers can offer many procedures for you.
Those who decide to use SPA offers at first they have to know about all SPAS kinds. It is very important because when you will know that kind you are needed for. Of course you have to know more about procedures and their effect to your health.

Spa - an entity devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.
A spa center is a business establishment which people visit for personal health, fitness, personal care treatments such as massages, facials, in a resort setting. Spas centers offer an all-inclusive program that includes facilitated fitness classes, healthy procedures, educational classes and seminars. Guests reside and participate in the program at a spa centers instead of just visiting for a treatment. Spas centers are often in exotic locations or in spa towns. ...

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