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Introduction. Meetings. Phone Tag. E-mail Antics. The Paper Trail. Why Do Meetings Have a Bad Reputation? How Did the Situation Become So Serious? What Can Be Done to Improve Meetings? Learn and Communicate the Basics. Apply Effective Meeting Techniques. Conclusion. Word meaning.


Meetings are windows on the soul of business: they reveal the quality of its management. Well-organized, well-conducted meetings bespeak an effective organization. Meetings dominate the way in which we do business today. In fact, approximately 11 million meetings occur in the U.S. each and every day.

Meetings dominate the way in which we do business today. We are obviously concerned about inefficient meetings that waste both your time and your company’s money. If they’re conducted properly, meetings can and will make you (and your organization) function more efficiently. So the next time you’re asked about why you bother holding meetings, think of all the time and money-wasting activities that could be minimized or eliminated with a meeting. Meetings afflicted with sloppy planning, flimsy agendas, and fuzzy expectations indicate a not-so-effective one. Managers report that only 56% of their meetings are productive – and that 25% would have been more effective as conference calls, memos, e-mails, or voicemails.
Phone Tag
Voice mail has made this a familiar game for most of us. We all know how frustrating it is to call someone, leave a message, move away from your desk momentarily, and return to find a message from that person. Phone tag can last for several rounds, leaving both players immensely frustrated. If you’re trying to reach someone, it can save time and headaches to simply schedule a quick in-person or audio meeting at a time appropriate for both of you.
E-mail Antics
Love it or hate it, we’ve all come to rely on e-mail for the majority of our communications. How many times have you found yourself e-mailing a question out of sheer habit to someone working 10 feet away? Obviously, e-mail is invaluable when you’re communicating over long distances, or if you need to send information to more than one person, or if you need a request in writing. But there are plenty of other situations in which we use e-mail when a face-to-face meeting would be much more effective.
Have you ever spent 15 minutes writing an e-mail on a topic that would have taken you two minutes to discuss in person? Or sent an e-mail on an urgent issue and stared impatiently at your monitor waiting for a response? In these instances, wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to schedule a meeting to discuss the issue? That way you can clarify any murky points, receive instant feedback, and engage all relevant parties at once. ...

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