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European women still earning less than men


Darbas anglų kalba. Vyrų ir moterų uždarbio skirtumai. Equal Pay. Women and Work Commission. How can we close the pay gap? Action across Europe to close the pay gap.


Thirteen years after the Treaty of Rome (1957) the Equal Pay Act (1970) gave women in the UK the right to equal pay. The right to equal pay covers not only women and men doing the same job, but also in the situation where men and women are doing work of ‘equal value’ but are being paid differently. But despite the law in the UK and Europe women still face inequality. The pay gap across Europe is 15%.The gap in the UK is 18%. There are three main causes of the pay gap:
• Occupational segregation where women and men are concentrated in different jobs. The report found that difficulty in managing a work/life balance means that many women leave the labour market. Their employment rate, at 55.7%, is 15% lower than men's. Women who do work are often confined to a limited number of sectors – more than 40% work in education, health or public administration, compared to less than 20% of men. Part time work accounts for over 32% of women's jobs, but just over 7% for men. Women earn 15% less than men partly because they are concentrated in lower paid professions. And women still fill relatively few top posts. On the positive side, the report found more than 75% of new jobs created in the EU in the last five years have been filled by women;
• The effect of caring responsibilities on women’s working patterns;
• Pay discrimination where pay systems are unfair to women employees.
Whatever the truth of the aphorism that a mother's place is in the wrong, it seems that working mothers, at least, are in the wrong place. The Women and Work Commission (WWC) found that the pay gap was due not so much to a pattern of paying women less than men for doing the same job as to something far harder to root out. Women are making the wrong choices early in their careers and sliding into dead-end part-time jobs after they have children, with serious consequences for their lifetime earnings. ...

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