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Rašinys anglų kalba. Švedija. Sweden. Economical situation in Sweden.


Sweden is situated on Scandinavian peninsula .The area - 449 964 sq. km.The sea bank length -3218 km.The highest montain –Kebnekaise /2111 m/ . Sweden has a lot of islands in the Baltic sea. The biggest one called Gotland.There are 2 neighbours –Norway and Finland. Since 2000 it is possible to reach mainlad of Europe by car and railway as well as by ships.
In Sweden Kingdom there is constitutional monarchy.At the moment Carl xv Gustaf is on the head of the government. Because of country‘s geographical place , Sweden was not involved in xx century‘s wars.
Sweden capital Stockholm was established in 13 th century. Now there are 758 thousand inhabitants. Around the city there are about 24 thousand small islands. The places of interests are : church, 38 height column of glass , the ship"Vasa"/ it sank by the coast in 1628 /. After 300 years Swedish have made a lot of efforts and have pulled it on the land . It stands now at the huge museum .The biggest Swedish cities :Goteborg , Malme , Upsala , Linkoping.
In the 20 th century Sweden politics was neutral. It was very successful. Economic and business developed rapidly.The government of the country made a special "welfare state" model . In spite of Sweden was not a member of Europe Union , it successfully developed connections with West Europe countries.
But it became complicated to be outside of the decisions process , so in 1992 Sweden entered to Europe Union .
Sweden society is very careful .It looks with danger to Europe rally process. Swedish was a rich country before entering to Europe Union and Swedish have not have any big differencies in their lives after that.
Nowadays the country brings in the Union budget more than gives of it .
After referendum /2003 September / Sweden government decided not to change national currency to Euro. Currency : Sweden cronas .
On the other hand there are some good points of Europe Union . Sweden makes an influence into decisions which are made in Europe institutions . Sweden supports the entering of the Baltic and Middle Europe countries to Europe Union.
The most famous man in Sweden is Alfred Nobel.He lived in 19th century. He invented dynamite .A few years later he made a revolution in military technology / ballistite was invented /.Also he did researches in using artificial rubber and synthetic leather .
In 1968 Sweden banks in memory of Alfred Nobel decided to establish Nobel Foundation / Nobel in his will wrote that the major part of his money had to be converted into foundation .Also he wrote that every year prize should be given to somebody who makes the greatest benefit on mankind "in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and work for promotion of peace." ...

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