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Continental Europe


Darbas anglų kalba apie kontinentinę Europą. Introduction. Romance and English. English and Romance vocabulary. Portuguese and English. Conclusion.


The spread of English in recent decades as a European lingua franca(at all social levels) has been remarkable, and the emergence of the label ‚Euro-English‘ was probably inevitable,to go along with such other forms as Eurocentric, Eurodollar and euro on its own as the name of a common currency for member states of the European Union.
There are few mainland Western European languages with wich English does not have ties: of a shared Germanic origin (as with German), of such an original plus close historical links (as with Duth and the Scandinavian languages), or with a distruct original but strong cultural and linguistic associations (as with Latin and Greek), or distruct original but a long-term process of acculturation (as with French and Italian). In addition, mainly because of the lingua-franca role of English at the present time, Anglicisms are flowing freely into all major mainland languages. To look at the links adequately, however, it is necessary to begin at the beginning, which was long before English as it is now know came into existence.

It may well be...that we shall see an increased divergence in the Englishes spoken worldwide and the ‘English‘ of England will become an increasingly minor variety of ‘world English‘. Certainly the English that is becoming rapidly the language used in conferences within the European Union is becoming a new variety of the language. (Mike Heyhoe&Stephen Parker,Who Owns Enlish? (Open University Press),p.xiv. 1994
If ‘Euro-English‘ is indeed an emerging variety as a Eropean lingua franca, then it should be possible to describe it systematically, and eventually also to provide a codification which would allow it to be captured in dictionaries and grammars and be taught, with appropriate teaching materials to support this teaching. While many might find it difficult to countenance such thoughts, very specific research efforts are currently under way to undertake these first steps required for an eventual description and codification. (Barbara Seidlhofer,‘Towards making "Euro-English" a linguistic reality,‘ in English Today 68(17:4), Cambridge University Press, 14. ...

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