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Style in letters and its maintenance in translation


Referatas anglų kalba. Laiškų tipai. Introduction. Theoretical part. Types of letters. Styles of letters. Structure of formal/semiformal letters. Informal letters. Practical part. Comparative analysis of English and Lithuanian styles of letter wrirting. Application Letter. Curriculum Vitae (CV). Letter of Inquiry. Letter to the Authorities/Editor. Letter of Complaint. Letters for Special Occasions. Invitation. Congratulation. Conclusion. References. Annexes.


The subject of my research is "Style in letters and its maintenance in translation". I am interested in this topic as letters are often used to communicate to individuals outside an organization, especially in formal and semi-formal contexts. Letters are essential in all spheres of our life, such as: business, politics, economics, etc. In spite of the fact that modern technology is developing so quickly, people still prefer letter to electronic mail as letter is more formal and reliable than electronic mail, more precise and permanent than telephone or face-to-face communication.

Consequently, I decided that such work will help to develop not only my skills of writing, but my real life skills as well. For example, after my graduation from Vilnius Law and Business College I will have to apply for a job. So, by this time I will have learnt how to write a letter of application and CV. Furthermore, I will be able to write to the editor of a local newspaper or any authorities in case I am dissatisfied with anything in my life, for instance, with the fact of building a skyscraper just in front of my house. So, how can I do it? I have to study the style, language, structure and layout of letter, both in English and Lithuanian languages.

The aims and objectives of the work are the following ones:
• To analyze and to compare the English and Lithuanian styles and rules of letter writing;
• To become an independent learner;
• To improve my knowledge of English;
• To learn how to express my opinion and summarize my ideas;
• To be able to look up and find the information in different sources;
• To master my real skills. ...

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