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European Union (EU) (5)


Darbas anglų kalba. Europos sąjunga. NATO. Lietuva ir NATO. About European Union. Outlook. Nato. Structure. History. Multi nationals’ joint approach. Lithuania in NATO. English – Lithuanian dictionary (3 psl).


After World War Two Europe was weak because millions of its citizens had died and two superpowers, America and the Soviet Union, dominated international affairs. So Europe had to find a new role. It began to do it in 1952 with the creation of the European Coal and steel Community (ECSC). This organization had six members – France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Liuxembourg. The aim of this organization was to unite Europe’s coal and steel industries, to make them more efficient and to promote peace and to co-operation.
Five years later the same countries at a conference in Rome formed the European Economic Community (EEC). This agreement created a "Common Market". France, West Germany, Italy, the Benelux countries signed the treaty of Rome in 1957. Denmark, the U.K. and Ireland joined the Community sixteen years later in 1973. Greece became a member in 1981 and five years later so did Spain and Portugal. That made the total of twelve. Austria, Sweden and Finland joined in 1993.
A major development in European affairs arrived in 1991, when politicians of the EC signed Maastricht Treaty. This agreement called for "ever closed union in Europe" and re-named EC into EU (European Union).
Today’s Community is called EU (European Union) and not the EEC. It works hard to promote European business, industry and free trade. It’s not just economic organization, today the EU’s decisions and laws affect education, employment, energy, the environment, foreign aid, human rights, medical and scientific research and the transport.
The organizations of the EU which propose, debate and take those decisions are:
• the European Commission
• the European Parliament
• the Council of Ministers
• the Euro-Summits.
The headquarters of the EU are in Brussels. About 1,500 people work there. The most important of them are the President of the Commission and fourteen commissioners. They are in office for four years and they are responsible to the European Parliament which accepts and rejects their ideas. ...

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