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Can a machine know?


Darbas anglų kalba. Ar gali mašina žinoti? A possible area of knowledge. Ethics. The aptitude of a machine to acquire knowledge. Humans are now being compared to and even classified as "machines". Machines and knowledge.


Nowadays just about everyone has either seen or heard of a piece of sci-fi literature or film dealing with intelligent machines taking over the world. Knowledge of abstract ideas does not seem to be an obstacle for them anymore as they perform acts identical to the ones of humans. A creative piece such as that raises a question that has been an object of much discussion for quite a while: can a machine know? However, to understand the question, one must settle oneself upon the right meaning of knowledge: a justified true belief. Since the objective is to weigh a machine’s ability to know, it should be taken into account that its definition can cover a wide range of possibilities. Nevertheless, a widely accepted meaning refers to a machine as something that functions in a systematic way as a result of input instructions. Thus, whether a machine is capable of knowing is judged by the exact meanings of a "machine" and "knowledge" that are chosen to direct the answer depending on which area and way of knowledge is selected. ...

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