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Is it worth spending you’re your free time watching TV?


Rašinys anglų kalba. Ar verta laisvalaikį leisti prie televizoriaus? 327 žodžiai.


Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of mankind. It’s also the indispensable device in our daily life. Everyone must agree that the advantages of watching TV are very considerable. But beside those benefits, there are some disadvantages that we must notice to be sure that we watch TV most effectively
Beginning from the first one, I must say that television is one of the most important inventions ever. Television nowadays has been very popular, and almost every family have the access to it. By sitting at home, watching TV, you can get a whole look all over the world. Many events and competitions can be watched "live" and many exclusive movies are presented as well. In addition, if you want to travel but do not have enough money, you can do it just by watching TV and seeing beauty of nature, other cultures and different countries. What is more, television deserved to be considered as the unlimited source of information. There are a lot of scientific channel which is suitable for all ages. Those are the fastest and cheapest way to improve your knowledge.
Everything contains good side and a bad side and television has no exception. Wasting of time is one of the biggest disadvantages of watching TV. Moreover, television programs are not always suitable for all ages. There are some movies that contains sexual material and violence that effects children and teenagers so they should not be watching it. It will be extremely dangerous if parents won’t supervise their children’s TV watching throughout their childhood. In the aspect of health spending hours watching TV is harmful to your eyesight. ...

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