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Lithuanian dishes


PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Lithuanian Food Traditions. Cottage cheese: dried and smoked. Here the stages of its production. Bread on sweet rush leaves. A recipe. Anthill (kind of very sweet cake). Tree cake. Grapeshot-shaped potato pie with meat stuffing. Korowaj/korovai (kind of leavened cake). Pretzels. Plince with pomoczka/potato pancakes with sauce. Lazdijai roulade. Lithuanian tenderloin (rector’s meat). Sauerkraut (shredded or in heads). Liqueurs (home-made vodkas). Kindziuk. Fish balls. Ingredients: Balls. Czenaki. Czenaki. Pancakes. Pancakes on baking soda. Smoked bacon.


Lithuanians like to eat good, tasty and filling foods. The tradition of eating well is inherited from the ancestors who would say, "he who eats well, works well". Lithuanian traditional cuisine took shape over many centuries and was much influenced by cultural contacts with neighboring nations.
Lithuania is divided into five ethnic regions. This regional division is evident in foods that are particular to each region. The Highlanders (Aukstaiciai) live in the North Eastern region and are known for their pancakes and cottage cheese dishes. The Samogitians (Zemaiciai) inhabit the North Western region and have their special sour butter, porridges and gruels. Dzukai are the people of the South Eastern region and are main consumers of buckwheat, mushrooms and potatoes. Suvalkieciai, people of the South Western region favour smoked meat, sausages and cepelinai. Fish plays an important role in the diet of the seacoast Lithuanians and those living near lakes and rivers.
Lithuanians usually eat three times per day, and the most filling, sumptuous meal is lunch: soup, meat, potatoes etc. Breakfast and dinner are rather light meals.
Cottage cheese, made of cow milk, is sometimes yellowish and often sweet, when made with yolks and sugar, or of vinegary taste. In the past, sweet cottage cheese was a special meal eaten on Sundays or other fests. It was also served on decorated cheeseboards at wedding receptions. Dried cheese has a yellow encasement, dry taste and drier consistency, while smoked cheese is of deeper yellow color.
In spring or summer, when cows are grazed on pastures, white cottage cheese, both dried and smoked, tastes best and the milk is also unique in its flavor and fragrance. This kind of milk should be used to produce cottage cheese of excellent taste.
The way ago manufacturing cottage cheese is very simple. Some years ago, village women made it in almost all farmsteads. We find historic notes about this product in the sources from 16th c. white cottage cheese is well known and produced all over the Suwałki Land, but each housewife produces it, by using a slightly different method and with other portions and sets of seasoning, so each cheese is of slightly different taste ...

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