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7 anglų kalbos temos


Darbas anglų kalba. Kalbėjimo temų pasiruošimas - santraukos. Career. Selling online. Companies. Stress. Entertaining. Marketing. Planning.


• Everyone could describe the word career differently, because everyone has different values, priorities and even different opportunities to start a carrier. In my opinion a career starts from studying in universities, colleges or even in the last years of school. This is the time when most young people start to think about jobs, their future and of course the present. Especially if they have to pay for their studies, rent of a room and everything that is related with their new period of life. A life with many responsibilities.
• To begin with, I would like to say that

What the different stages are in a typical career?
• Another point I would like to talk about is that there are some points which is needed for succesful career. Some of them are strong quantitative and analytical abilities, the ability to make decisions quickly, and good interpersonal skills to react to a customer's needs is needed for successful career in business. So, you should have leadership, visionary, perfomance and health or wellness skills.
• Finally, I would like to talk about is that there are some ways which help to improve your career: make a list of your priorities and outline tasks for the day (when you write down your short- and long-term goals, you could evaluate your progress frequently and stay focused), always look for opportunities to broaden your skills, socialise with colleagues (this will help you learn about what‘s happening in other departments), create your own goals, be clear about what you want (if you believe you deserve a promotion), take time off and relax.
• In conclusion, I would like to say that it is really important to know these points if you want to improve your career, because many people aren‘t sure what career they are interested in, they need help deciding which career is best for them and also they don‘t know their strenghts or weaknesses. So, everyone should improve their career because is one of the asspect of good life. ...

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