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Classification of english idioms


Darbas anglų kalba. Anglų filologija. Anglų kalbos idiomų klasifikacija. Introduction. The concept of idiom. The term "idiom". Characteristic features of idioms. The usage of idioms. Differences between free-word groups and idioms. Classification of idioms. Classification principles of phraseological units according to V. V. Vinogradov. Formation of phraseological units by A. V. Koonin. The functioning of idioms in belles-lettres texts. Conclusions. Summary in Lithuanian.


Idiomatic language is the basis of communicative and connotative information. Phraseological units which are noted for idiomatic information are a frequent scientific issue being examined by many scholars. The synonymic term is an idiom. Idioms cannot be understood literally, so the meaning is often unclear and can be inaccurate.
The aim of this annual essay is to explore the phenomenon of English idioms by examining several classifications. The descriptive method of this work allows the more profound understanding and perceiving of idiomatic expressions in the field of lexicology. This investigation has been performed in reference with some famous scholars such as R. S. Ginzburg, V. V. Vinogradov, and A.V. Koonin.
The annual essay consists of introduction, three main sections, conclusions and a summary in Lithuanian. Section one explains the concept of idiom, its characteristic features which include the text forms and styles where idioms can occur. It also analyses the idiom structure, their usage and differences between free word-groups and idioms in order to distinguish idioms proper. The second section deals with classification of idioms. Two methods are investigated: classification according to V. V. Vinogradov and idiom formation according to A. V. Koonin. The third section presents the analysis of idioms in belles-lettres texts concentrating on idiom formation and classification according to their functioning. The conclusions sum up the most important points of the essay. ...

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