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The nominalizations in scientific discourse of scientific texts


Darbas anglų kalba. Mokslinis požiūris į nominalizaciją per mokslinius tekstus. Introduction. The derivation of nominalizations. Nominalizations derived from verbs. Material suffixation. Zero derivations. Nominalizations derived from adjectives. Nominalizations derived from nouns. Semantic features of nominalizations derived from verbs. Material nominalizations. Happening nominalizations. Mental nominalizations. Verbal nominalizations. Relational nominalizations. Existential nominalizatios. Textual functions of nominalizations. Thematic nominalizations. Concluson.


Nominalizations are words that take the place of a noun in a sentence, but they are not tangible-they cannot be touched, felt, or heard. They are often process words, mainly verbs, which have been frozen in time by making them into nouns. Nominalization refers to the use of a verb or an adjective as a noun, with or without morphological transformation, so that the word can now act as the head of a noun phrase.
Words like curiosity, understanding, and love are nominalizations.
Whenever these words are used, then information has been left out, often about 'who' or 'what' it refers to.
Example: ‘Curiosity can be dangerous.’ Presents the question, ‘for whom?’.

Scientific language the same grammatical constructions and forms are met as in other functional styles. However scientific language is an economical system of science which let achieve the greatest condensation of mind. One of such minds compression ways is nominalization. Nominalization is turning a verb, an adjective or a noun into a noun. Nominalizations are abstract nouns. ...

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