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  • Australia (6)

    Darbas anglų kalba. Australija. Smulkūs faktai apie Australiją. A little facts about Australia. Victoria. Tasmania. South Australia. Western Australia. Northern Territory. Queensland. New South Wales. History. Aborigines. Kangaroo. Koala. The Great Barrier Reef. Ayers Rock. Australian English.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
  • Continental Europe

    Darbas anglų kalba apie kontinentinę Europą. Introduction. Romance and English. English and Romance vocabulary. Portuguese and English. Conclusion.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Christmas in the United States of America (USA) the United Kingdom (UK) and Lithuania

    Darbas anglų kalba. Kalėdų tradicijos Jungtinėse Amerikos Valstijose (JAV), Didžiojoje Britanijoje (DB) ir Lietuvoje. Christmas traditions.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • England

    England. History in facts. Geography. Disasters. Architecture. Painting. Sculpture. Agriculture. London. School. St Valentine's Day. Easter. Halloween. Christmas. Sport and more. Stonehenge.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(8 puslapiai)
  • English customs and tradicions

    Pancake Day. Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day). Late Summer Bank Holiday. Christmas celebrations. Christmas Eve. A Giant Christmas tree. Boxing Day. Ancient traditions. London's Eater parade. April Fool's Day. London's Easter parade. Changing the guard. Mounting the guard. The ceremony of the Keys.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(10 puslapių)
  • English festivals

    Introduction. Saint David’s day. Saint Patrick day. Valentine’s Day. Saint David's Day. History of Saint David’s day. Saint David's Day celebration in our days. The history of Saint Patrick day. Valentine’s day. Valentine‘s day symbols, traditions and customs. Conclusions. Appendix.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • European Union (EU) (5)

    Darbas anglų kalba. Europos sąjunga. NATO. Lietuva ir NATO. About European Union. Outlook. Nato. Structure. History. Multi nationals’ joint approach. Lithuania in NATO. English – Lithuanian dictionary (3 psl).
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • European women still earning less than men

    Darbas anglų kalba. Vyrų ir moterų uždarbio skirtumai. Equal Pay. Women and Work Commission. How can we close the pay gap? Action across Europe to close the pay gap.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(4 puslapiai)
  • Globalization

    Darbas anglų kalba apie globalizaciją. European identity. Sentimental aspect of globalization. Modern catastrophes. Knowledge based challenges. "Coca cola" phenomenon. Conclusion.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • Great Britain (3)

    Referatas apie Jungtinę Karalystę (anglų kalba). London. A city with a difference. Tradition. Commerce and finance. London Regional Transport. Wales. Language. The Welsh and their words. National Parks. Windsor Castle. The development of the castle.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Health and Fittness

    Health and fittness of teenagers. Family Matters, where to start, Physical Activity, You Are What You Eat, Get Moving directions, Where do you usually eat, Why do you eat, The Food Guide Pyramid, Let's Talk About Health, Snacks, Staying Healthy and Happy.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Henry Bessemer

    Referatas apie anglų mokslininką Henrį Bessemerį. Bessemer’s artillery. First Inventions. More Useful Inventions. His Greatest Discovery. The Bessemer Process of Steel Production.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
  • Lithuanian fests

    Referatas anglų kalba. Pagrindinės šventės Lietuvoje. Lithuanian calendar fests. National fests of Lithuania. Easter. Christmas. Feast of St John.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • May Day

    Introduction. May Day celebration history. People who celebrate May Day at first. May Day celebration by the Catholic Church. May Day celebration by the Celtic. May Day celebration in early and in late Europe. May Day in our days. Conclusion. Appendixes.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
  • Management styles

    Darbas anglų kalba. Valdymo stiliai. Summary. Introduction. Management styles. The main management styles. Autocratic management style. Democratic Management Style. Participative management style. Laissez-faire Management Style. Conclusion. 20 new words. 10 questions.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(14 puslapių)
  • Meetings

    Introduction. Meetings. Phone Tag. E-mail Antics. The Paper Trail. Why Do Meetings Have a Bad Reputation? How Did the Situation Become So Serious? What Can Be Done to Improve Meetings? Learn and Communicate the Basics. Apply Effective Meeting Techniques. Conclusion. Word meaning.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • Methods of communication

    Body Language. The Greeting. Facial Signals. The Hands. The Feet. The Seven Signals for Success. Listen Up. Conversation in wrinting. Technical versus no technical language. Simple, direct language. Active voice versus passive voice. Past/present tense. Business Letters.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • My future profession – Dental Hygienist

    Darbas anglų kalba. Mano ateities profesija - burnos higienos specialistas. Introduction. A Dental Hygiene Career. What Do Dental Hygienists Do? What are the Advantages of a Dental Hygiene Career? Where Do Dental Hygienists Work? Skills and Interests. Oral hygiene adviced. Tooth brushing. Flossing. Eating properly. Stop smoking. Visit your dentist regularly. Role of the dental hygienist. Preventive treatments. Sealing. Fluoride. Using mouth washes. Toothpaste. Conclusion. Vocabulary.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(9 puslapiai)
  • My native town: Mažeikiai

    Darbas anglų kalba. Gimtasis miestas - Mažeikiai. Preface. Purpot. Geography. History. Places of interest. Culture. Inference.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Phone

    Referatas apie telefonus (anglų kalba). Introduction. Development in the world. Development in Lithuania. Description of technic. Advantages. Disadvantages. Conclusion.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(8 puslapiai)
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