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  • Endangered spiece: Sea turtles

    Darbas anglų kalba apie nykstančią rūšį: jūros vėžlius. Sea Turtles. Common Name. Scientific Name. Status. Description and Special Features. Range and Habitat. Diet. Threats. Trade in Body Parts. Consumers. Alternatives. Darbas iliustruotas paveikslėliais.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(4 puslapiai)
  • English idioms: physical appearance

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Angliški idiomai su lietuviškais paaiškinimais. What is an idiom? Like the cat that got the cream. Like a drowned rat. A chip off the old block. Be the spitting image of sb/sth. Be written all over sb’s face. Dressed to kill.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(7 skaidrės)
  • Environment problems

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Užduotis: Pristatyti globalizacijos problemas. Acid rain. Air pollution. Global warming. Ozone Depletion. Hazardous Waste. Smog. Rain forest destruction. Overpopulation. Water pollution.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(13 skaidrių)
  • Famous places of England

    PowerPoint pristatymas (anglų kalba). Big Ben. Manchester Town Hall. Buckingham Palace. Canterbury Cathedral. Leeds Castle. Stonehenge. Westminster Abbey. Palace of Westminster. Radcliffe Camera.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(9 skaidrės)
  • Geograpfy of Great Britain (GB)

    PowerPoint pristatymas. Didžiosios Britanijos geografija. Londonas. Temzė. Great Britain. The United Kingdom. Area of Great Britain. The UK is bordered by four seas. Loch Nees. Loch Ness lake. River Thames. Thames. London. Palace of Westminster. Stonehenge. Darbas iliustruotas paveiksėliais (16 psl.)
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(18 skaidrių)
  • Great Britain (6)

    PowerPoint pristatymas. What is Great Britain? Geograph . Facts. Fun Facts. Did you know? History. Climate. The Beatles. Table, where Sherlock Holmes worked. The living room. The Charles Dickens Home. Kensington Orangery. Stone Gallery. Mary of Modena's bedroom. The history of Madame Tussaud’s. Plan of the building. Plan of the building. Victoria and Albert Museum-Library. The silver gallery. Sculpture exhibition room. Darbas iliustruotas nuotraukomis (18 skaidrių) (36 paveikslėliai).
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(40 skaidrių)
  • Great Britains traditions and celebrations

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Didžiosios Britanijos šventes, papročiai. Christmas. Christmas tradiotnal food. Harvest festival. St Patrick's Day. Halloween.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(9 skaidrės)
  • Guinness world records

    PowerPoint pristatymas. The Guinness book of records. Youngest DJ. Youngest Graduate. Youngest Millionaire. Youngest No. 1 Solo Rapper On The US Charts. Longest Ear Hair Furthest Eyeball Popper. Longest Fingernails on a Single Hand. Largest Chest Measurement. Longest Male Beard. Most Pierced Woman. Smallest Waist On A Living Person. Longest Female Beard. Heaviest Man.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(15 skaidrių)
  • Healthy lifestyle (4)

    PowerPoint pristatymas. Sveikas gyvenimo būdas. The ways to keep oneself fit and healthy. Yoga. Vocabulary. Interesting facts about yoga. Exercises relieve stress! Healthy food. Without vitamins our organism could not normaly function. The effect of massage to a person’s organism. Aromatherapy.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(17 skaidrių)
  • History of chocolate

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Šokolado istorija. Chocolate. Do you like chocolate?
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(7 skaidrės)
  • Hot spots of the world. Belarus

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Karšti pasaulio taškai: Baltarusija (Gudija). Content. Short history and politics. Independence in 1991-04-25. Aliaksandr Lukashenka since 1995. Why it is one of a hot spots of the world? Peaceful demonstration… Prediction.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(7 skaidrės)
  • How Wine is Made

    PowerPoint pristatymas (anglų kalba). Vyno gamyba. Steps in the wine making process. Determining the Pick Date. Picking the Ripe Grapes. Destemming. Skin Contact. Pressing. Cold Settling. Fermentation. Racking. Fining. Cold Stabilization. Filtering. Bottling.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(14 skaidrių)
  • Ibiza (2)

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Ibiza. Ibiza island history.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(7 skaidrės)
  • Independence Day

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Nepriklausomybės diena. Independence Day. Jonas Basanavičius. Antanas Smetona. Aleksandras Stulginskis. Jonas Vileišis. Justinas Staugaitis.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(10 skaidrių)
  • January 13th events

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Sausio 13-osios įvykiai. Bloody Night 1991-01-13. What is the fight of 1991 on January 13th? January 13 th dead relatives. Monument to the victims. List of victims. Stood before the tanks... Burial ceremony of January 13 events victims in Vilnius. Barricades at the building of the Supreme Council. Life and death through.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(12 skaidrių)
  • Japan

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Japonija. Words. General features. Events. Main exports: Cars, computer parts, chemicals, scientific instruments and watches. For the rest of the world Japanese are well known for. Geisha. Tea ceremony. Ikebana (flower arrangement). Bonsai. Origami. Kimono. Japamese behaviour: philosophy. Meeting. Regale. Going out.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(52 skaidrės)
  • Languages (3)

    PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Kalba. Populiariausios kalbos. Lietuvių kalba. Išnykusios kalbos. Pranešimas anglų kalba (4 psl.). Confusion of languages. The most popular languages spoken worldwide. Mandarin Chinese Language. Difficulties. English language. History. English nowadays. Hindi language. History of language. Language. Reasons why languages are dying. Nearly Extinct Languages by Location. How can we save languages? Lithuanian language. History of Lithuanian language. Why this language so special?. Lithuanian language grammar. Which language is the most difficult? Something about vocabulary. Learn Lithuanian language. Conclusion.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(33 puslapiai)
  • Listening

    PowerPoint pristatymas (anglų kalba). Klausymo užduotis. Glossary. Connected speach. Double track. Extensive listening. Gist listening. Guided questions. Inferential interpretation of the text. Instrumental reason of listening. Intensive listening using taped material. Intensive "live" listening reading aloud. Intensive "live" listening story-telling. Intensive "live" listening interviews. Intensive "live" listening conversations. Intensive listening organizer. Intensive listening machine operator. Intensive listening feedback organizer. Intensive listening prompter. Jigsaw listening. Interlocutor. Learner training. Listening. Pleasurable reason of listening. Repetition. Receptive skills. Schema (plural schema).
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(24 skaidrės)
  • Lithuania (14)

    PowerPoint pristatymas apie Lietuvą (anglų kalba). Statistics. Location. Area. Borders. Population and it's composition. Political and national structure. Climate. Lithuanian food traditions. The Highlanders (Aukstaiciai). The Samogitians (Zemaiciai). Dzūkai. Suvalkiečiai. Trakai national park. Zemaitija national park. The Kursiu Nerija national park. The architectural emsemble of Pazaislis. Pazaislis buildings. The architectural composition. The national museum of Rumsiskes. The Hill of Crosses.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(38 skaidrės)
  • Lithuania (16)

    PowerPoint pristatymas. Historic and cultural heritage. Vilnius. Old Town of Vilnius. The Palace of Kings. Trakai. Kaunas. Kernavė.
    Anglų kalba, pristatymas(15 skaidrių)
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