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Anglų kalbos tyrimai (5 darbai)

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  • Healthy lifestyle (2)

    Introduction. I feel happy abou what I do. I like learning new things. I have motivation to realize my plans. I avoid to excess of salt, sugar and saturated fat. I eat meat less than three times a... I drink less than three cups of tea or coffee a day. During my usual day, I am physically active. During my usual day, I take time to stretch and to relax. I exercise at least once a week. Once I get to bed, I fall asleep easily. I am satisfied with my relationships. I am satisfied with the way I spend my leisure time.
    Anglų kalba, tyrimas(7 puslapiai)
  • It is easy to become a celebrity

    Tyrimas anglų kalba - kelias į populiarumą. Ways, which you have to go through if you want to be famous. Analysis of reality shows. Introduction. Methodology. Literature review. Results. Conclusion.
    Anglų kalba, tyrimas(10 puslapių)
  • Living conditions are better in a flat than in a dormitory

    Tyrimas anglų kalba. Gyvenimo sąlygų bute ir bendrabutyje palyginimas. Introduction. Methodology. Literature review. Conclusion. Questions.
    Anglų kalba, tyrimas(9 puslapiai)
  • Report of research: iPod

    Introduction. IPod. The goal of this report is to find out the popularity of iPod among my colleagues and to know the best way to produce this product in Lithuania. Price. Colours. Qualities. Use of Ipod. Frequency of using Ipod. Induce. Substitutes. Advertisement.
    Anglų kalba, tyrimas(13 puslapių)
  • Students nourishment habits

    Darbas anglų kalba. Studentų valgymo įpročiai. Introduction. Students nourishment habits. Research. Written tests information. Results in diagram. Short written tests generalization.
    Anglų kalba, tyrimas(6 puslapiai)