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  • Spa centers

    Anglų kalba aprašytos SPA centruose teikiamos paslaugos. Introduction. Spa center. Types of spas. Typical spa services. Massage. Aromatherapy. Stone therapy. Reflexology. Reiki. Hydrotherapy. Mud bath. Sauna. Ogenese marine rejuvenating facial. Salt room. Conclusion. References.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Starting a new business. Risk and benefit

    Darbas anglų kalba. Verslo kūrimas. Rizika ir nauda. Introduction. Main types of business structures. Sole proprietorship. Partnership. Corporation. Disadvantages of starting a new business. Business risk factors. Investment. Production. Commercial. Financial. Political. Juridical. Advantages of starting a new business. Conclusions.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • Style in letters and its maintenance in translation

    Referatas anglų kalba. Laiškų tipai. Introduction. Theoretical part. Types of letters. Styles of letters. Structure of formal/semiformal letters. Informal letters. Practical part. Comparative analysis of English and Lithuanian styles of letter wrirting. Application Letter. Curriculum Vitae (CV). Letter of Inquiry. Letter to the Authorities/Editor. Letter of Complaint. Letters for Special Occasions. Invitation. Congratulation. Conclusion. References. Annexes.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(18 puslapių)
  • Sweden

    Rašinys anglų kalba. Švedija. Sweden. Economical situation in Sweden.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(2 puslapiai)
  • Tattoos

    Referatas apie tatuiruotes (anglų kalba). Tattoos / body art & celebrities. Body art painting and shaping. A Third of Americans With Tattoos Say They. Make Them Feel More Sexy. How do tattoos make people feel? Do people regret getting tattoos? Who has tatoo? "How many tattoos do you currently have on your body?" (People saying "one or more"). Regret having a tatoo? "Do you ever regret getting a tattoo?". Why regret having a tatoo? How have a tatoo makes me feel. "Please complete the following sentence". Attitudes of those without a tatoo. "Please complete the following sentence". Tatoo culture. Tatoo quotes. The Top Twenty-Five Tattoo Designs, based on Internet searches.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(10 puslapių)
  • The Culture Of Norway

    Norvegijos kultūra, istorija, lankomiausios vietos, legendos - anglų kalba.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    Referatas apie kabančius Babilono sodus. One of the most interesting world Wonders, Nebuchadnezzar - the builder of the gardens, exotic wonderful plants, impressive example of architecture, the technology of the Babylon Gardens’.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
  • The nominalizations in scientific discourse of scientific texts

    Darbas anglų kalba. Mokslinis požiūris į nominalizaciją per mokslinius tekstus. Introduction. The derivation of nominalizations. Nominalizations derived from verbs. Material suffixation. Zero derivations. Nominalizations derived from adjectives. Nominalizations derived from nouns. Semantic features of nominalizations derived from verbs. Material nominalizations. Happening nominalizations. Mental nominalizations. Verbal nominalizations. Relational nominalizations. Existential nominalizatios. Textual functions of nominalizations. Thematic nominalizations. Concluson.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • The Peculiarities of New Zealand English

    Darbas anglų kalba apie Naujosios Zelandijos anglų kalbos ypatumus. Introduction. The Peculiarities of New Zealand English. Phonological Peculiarities. Grammatical Peculiarities. Lexical Peculiarities. Conclusion. References.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(8 puslapiai)
  • The Royal Botanical gardens at Kew

    Referatas apie botanikos sodus Kew, Richmond, Londonas (anglų kalba). The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. The Gardens zones. The special trees at Kew. The three wonderful spots at Kew. The beauty of Kew. Vocabulary.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • The United Kingdom (UK)

    London, the capital. From the history of London. Tower of London. Princess Diana. St Paul’s Cathedral. Westminster Abbey.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
  • The United Kingdom (UK) (4)

    Darbas apie Jungtinę Karalystę (anglų kalba). History. Queens. Geography and Climate. People. Politics. London is capital of the United Kingdom. Transport and Infrastructure. Sport in London. Rautemaster. Sport in United Kingdom. British meals.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Tourism (5)

    Darbas anglų kalba. Turizmo administravimas Jungtinėje Karalystėje. Turizmo struktūra ir sektoriai, turizmo vystymasis ir pasirinkto sektoriaus komercinė analizė. Tourism administration in United Kingdom (UK). The structure and principal sectors of travel and tourism industry. Introduction. Tour operator. Air industry. Rail industry. Road industry. Accommodation. Public service. Regulatory bodies. History. Thomas Cook. Grand tour. Spa. Seaside resorts. Types of travel retailer. Integration. Accommodation (hotels). Reasons why people stay in hotels.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(7 puslapiai)
  • Travelling (2)

    Darbas anglų kalba. Aprašyta daug keliavimo būdų, jų pliusai ir minusai. Introduction. Types of traveling. Advantages and disadvantages of travelling on foot. Advantages and disadvantages of travelling by ship. Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train. Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by car. Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane. Advantages and disadvantages of hitch-hiking. Tips for successful traveling abroad. Survey results. Conclusion.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(6 puslapiai)
  • Verbal communication

    Darbas anglų kalba. Žodinė komunikacija. Introduction. Verbal messages. Intentional verbal. Unintentional verbal. Symbols and referents.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
  • Vilnius (10)

    Darbas anglų kalba. Vilnius. Legend of the Iron Wolf.
    Anglų kalba, referatas(5 puslapiai)
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